Features and Functions


Core Purpose: Better Vision Measurement

Accurate clinical acuity measurement though difficult, is increasingly important. Traditional Snellen Charts are imprecise and their gold-standard counterpart logMAR Charts, can be difficult to use and score in a busy clinical setting. COMPlog was developed to overcome these vision measurement challenges: it is a semi-automated, easy to use, logMAR measurement acuity system which can also interface with electronic medical records.

COMPlog’s core acuity measurement function is supplemented by a full range of refraction and orthoptic tests. Fully validated Stereoacuity and Letter Contrast Sensitivity modules will be incorporated in future COMPlog releases.

Fast, Precise Tests

There are two main modules through which COMPlog can measure visual acuity:

  1. The COMPlog Thresholding Test: single-letter-scoring provides precise and reliable measurements.
  2. Test Chart Measurement: more subjective line-by-line-scoring provides faster, more familiar, but less precise and reliable measurement.

Extensive Peer-Reviewed Validation

COMPlog has been developed by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists over more than 10 years. It is unique in having extensive published validation of its precise, reliable, and fully configureable acuity tests.

Fast and Convenient

The COMPlog interface has been ergonomically designed to be easy to use. A range of letter sets and picture acuity tests are offered as is an automated sequence of tests on each patient. A remote control allows the tester to move around the room.

Secure, Flexible Configuration

The core testing modules can be adapted to the needs of almost any clinical setting, patient, recording standard, or time constraint through a richly configurable, admin-accessed Settings Menu.

One Testing Distance

COMPlog can measure acuities between 1.5/60 to 6/3 from one testing distance (20/800 to 20/10, 1–100 ETDRS letters ).

Fluent in Visual Acuity

COMPlog measures using a logMAR scale. It presents results in one of two logMAR formats (decimal logMAR or number of ETDRS letters) and the locally applicable Snellen equivalent (UK, US or Decimal). These defaults can be changed by an administrator in settings.

Results Recording & Presentation

COMPlog can test registered patients, in which case their results are automatically recorded in a local or network server database. It also supports an “Anonymous Mode” for training purposes or where the results are being manually transcribed to a paper record.

When named patients are tested COMPlog graphically presents visual acuity trends against time.

Seamless Server & EMR Interfacing

COMPlog can seamlessly interface with multiple COMPlog installations using a server database.

It is also fully integrated with the Medisoft EMR.  Integration with OpenEyes is under development.  Other integrations can be easily developed using various communications including HL7 and the SQL database.