Precise & Reliable Vision Measurement Software

Laptop and screen
Accurate vision measurement is fundamental to efficient clinical practice. Clinicians need a precise and reliable acuity score to inform clinical judgements. COMPlog is not just a computerised test chart. It offers:

  • Automated precise acuity measurement
  • Seamless Electronic Medical Records integration
  • logMAR and Snellen scoring
  • Refraction support, stereoacuity and contrast measurement
  • Simple to use
  • Controllable test algorithms and optotypes
  • Range of test distances
  • Extensive published validation full details
  • FREE trial download: please contact us.


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COMPlog’s vision measurement and test chart functions have been rigorously developed into an easy to use system.

COMPlog uses two monitors connected to one PC. The control monitor is operated by the Medical Professional or Technician running the test and the patient reads from the secondary monitor.

In addition to acuity measurement COMPlog provides full refraction and orthoptic test support. As well as automating the acuity measurement process COMPlog allows acuities ranging from 1/60 to 6/3 to be measured from one testing distance.

COMPlog is fully integrated with the Medisoft EMR.  Integration with OpenEyes is under development.  Other integrations can be easily developed using various communications including HL7 and the SQL database.